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(ages 1-12)

A safe, fun and exciting learning environment where kids will discover that God’s Word is relevant to their lives today! These classes are run on our Sunday meetings.

Children's Ministries



(ages 13-18)

Hey, thanks for stopping by the Selwyn Identity Youth Page.


Our purpose is to help youth grow and find their identity in Christ by creating a youth community that is fun, safe, and rooted in Christ.

We meet every Friday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

If you're interested in finding out more, you can contact: Melissa Shepski at

Youth Ministry
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(ages 10-12)

Don't miss this fun group that meets the last Thursday of each month. 

For times and full information, contact:

Dan & Bonnie

(705) 868-8350


(ages 19-35) "currently not running"

At Connect Young Adults, we believe in the value of community, the call to worship Christ on an everyday basis, and our mission to love and support one another as fellow beings irrevocably loved by Christ. Through numerous events, worship nights, Bible studies, concerts and parties, we strive to balance relaxing fun with spiritual growth. We desire to stand with one another, sharing life in all its ups and downs, and pointing others towards God’s saving grace. We desire to create a welcoming environment where every young person feels supported and heard. We also desire to challenge, strengthen and build one another up as we grow in our understanding of God’s great purpose for this generation.


In a world screaming for our attention, we come together to encourage one another to listen to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, obey His guidance, and place our focus and praise back on Him. We are excited to play a part in the “church of the Living God, which is the pillar and support of the truth.” (1 Timothy 3:15b).


As we gather together, providing a community of genuine encouragement, we want to represent the truth of God’s peace, joy and love to those around us.

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Fore more information, contact:
Nathan Kirschner
(705) 742-9258

Young Adults
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