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Touching Toronto is a ministry begun in July 2011 to see the Greater Toronto Area touched and influenced by the power of the Holy Spirit and through miracles. God’s miracles are to get people’s attention. Miracles lead to salvations; salvations lead to changed lives; changed lives lead to a city touched by God.

Touching Toronto is an outreach to strengthen the local body of Christ in Toronto, working with like-minded believers to hold two meetings a month, ten months of the year. Coordinated by Pastor David Cook, this outreach has now reached thousands of people with many miracles – the greatest miracle being new life in Jesus Christ.

Not everyone receives a miracle every time, but everyone sees God’s love, which gives us hope to see miracles in motion.

Pastor Billy Burke

At the age of 9 Billy met the Healing Jesus!
Stricken with this disease and just days to live, Billy through his grandmother, was introduced to the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman. Miss Kuhlman called Billy out of the crowd and asked him, “Do you believe?” Then she touched him and in a moment, all the cancer was gone.

Today, after years and years of trials and testing, of purging and refining, God is able to use Billy all around the globe, from creative physical miracles to deep emotional inner healings. Whether through Crusades, television broadcasts, radio or the web, testimonies continue to confirm that the same Healing Jesus still lives and moves today thru the vessel of Billy Burke.

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